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WELCOME to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Plans: tools to make informed choices in Illinois!
 If you are looking for a sales spin website then this is not for you. If you want to be educated ,however, then you have found a comprehensive website that will sincerely help you.
Afterwards, you are called into a plan of action with professional help from Fanter Financial, Hank Fanter,lutcf and certified ACA navigator.  Our Company motto is "Your Key to Financial Success: turning the Key at the Right Time." ( )
The ACA Market Place is a new game in healthcare, but has an experienced player of over 30 years in the health insurance industry.

Alert:  Next opportunity for open enrollment is November 15th!
Pre-existing conditions are covered only during open enrollment, except for "qualifying events".

The ACA document has over 20,000 pages of rules and regulations, meaning that it isn't exactly light reading material. This website attempts to educate you on some specific points you need to know to enroll for quality affordable care.

First and foremost, don't try to go this alone!  Hire Hank Fanter ,Fanter Financial, an  Illinois only, licensed, commissioned-based , and certified independent health insurance agent veteran to help you navigate the Market Place options, application, enrollment and policy delivery process. Become a client of a certified Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance agent; not a statistic of a one-time call center clerk. We  professionally go over health coverage policy provisions and benefits and personally deliver policies. And we make sure there are no so called dreaded "death panel provisions" which allegedly threaten to cut-off catastrophic care for aged, terminally ill or hospice care.

Second, not all health insurance carriers are on the Market Place, but claim to be fully ACA (Affordable Care Act) subsidy driven.

Fanter Financial deals only with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois whom is trusted to work with the government market place to give both qualified premium credit subsidies and out-of-pocket coverage subsidies. Complete contact form at  bottom of page and we will send our business card. There is no obligation. And remember, we deal with all residents of Illinois as both in-person agent, by phone and email and as web broker by clicking on enrollment tab at website header.

We wouldn't ask you to go with Blue Cross unless we took ownership in a plan ourselves. Our doctors and hospital are covered in the network. Our son and his wife own it, too!
We went through the enrollment process and it works reasonably well with no problems with either Blue Cross or sign up service.
Our coverage cost is cheaper and the coverage is better than before Obama Care.

ACA Compliant
Don't be fooled by health insurance agents of carriers whom don't deal with government subsidies, but claim they are "fully ACA compliant." This defeats the purpose of affordable coverage as you get no premium cost break and/or out-of-pocket less paying break provided to qualified individuals by For example, Ted buys a policy costing $350/month. Carrier A claims they are ACA compliant and charge $350/month. Carrier B  with identical coverage claims to be ACA compliant and government subsidy pays $300/month. Obviously, Carrier B offers the best deal.  Another subsidy actually reduces your out-of-pocket. Only Carrier B can offer that to you! Blue Cross Blue Shield offers the scenario of Carrier B. We know the list of Illinois carriers whom are not ACA subsidy driven. employer coverage and their employees do not qualify for any subsidy under ACA.

Third, if you decide to keep your current coverage in 2014, then beware that you will have to forfeit it by 2015, and start enrollment by late 2014.  And also be aware that President Obama has used executive privilege to change the Law as he sees fit. He may or may not make further changes. That's why its called "Obama Care." This Program is constantly changing as more is made known about it to the public, and the government rollout is bumpy. Be patient.  Fanter Financial will keep you abreast of changes as they affect your initial policy purchase and years thereafter.

Get Educated
Finally, get educated. We provide this valuable tool for you in this comprehensive website! Read tabs at top of home page for specific knowledge of ACA compliance.
We provide a professional agent service to answer your questions.
Use Express Quoting Tab for much quicker enrollment.
Complete Contact Form at end of this page to keep in touch.
Long term service makes the difference! We keep up with all the current changes in the Law.
Read my commentary. Click on tab on home page. The ACA rollout is terrible, but the basic plan as good bones and so far, is what it claims to be...........Affordable Care!

We are currently serving the entire State of Illinois (continue only if Illinois resident or employer-based in Illinois). If out-of-state then make sure you locate a state resident , qualified agent and carrier that works with to provide qualified subsidies to individuals and not offered to group employees.  Make sure the agent earns the right to do business!

Bulletin Tool

Latest Bulletins can give you a heads up on how implementation quirks stand today. Specific details can be read on (Obama Care) and (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and 

Latest Bulletin: March 6, 2014   The call center has been mis quoting benefits. We have found errors in quoting accurate deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, subsidies, and coverage effective dates compared to the actual health carrier's policy benefits. The more reason to first speak with a qualified healthcare agent to verify benefits, and  proof read your ID cards and policy.
You don't to be surprised at claim time.

Latest Bulletin: March 6, 2014    The Obama administration recently announced a two-year extension of its "transitional policy"- an extension of guidance from November 2013 that would permit non-grandfathered individual and small group plans to renew at the option of the state and the insurer." The federal government also announced that 2015 open enrollment on Get Covered Illinois would be from November 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015.

Latest Bulletin: February 10, 2014 
   The White House announced today paraphrasing that "employers with groups 50-99 will be exempt from enrollment until after the elections in November 2016" and "groups 50-99 cannot fire or lay off any employee without good cause answerable to the IRS."

Latest Bulletin: February 10, 2014    Must enroll and pay premium by 2/15/14 to receive 3/1/14 coverage. Credit card payments are excepted. Must enroll and pay premium by 3/15/14 to receive 3/31/14 coverage.

Latest Bulletin: February 10, 2014     Government website is operational, but not fully functional.  You can start an application by going through our Express Quoting Link with Blue Cross. It automatically transfers to  to complete the application, including your subsidy. You will need to log on to both websites and probably need to speak with the government website navigator. Be sure to give this rep my agent code with Blue Cross #000602209 and my certified government rep code is hankfanter1. I can't service you as an agent unless my code is given. Thank you.

Latest Bulletin: November 14, 2013
    President Obama announced to national media and public,
"you can keep your current health care plan in 2014" without mandatory Obama Care on the Market Places? This may or may not be a political response rather than one that meets the lawful guidelines of the Affordable Care Act that states " all non-grandfathered health plans must be compliant with certain benefit changes (10 Essential Benefits or EB's) in 2014."The President took a constitutional oath to execute the Law. Congress made the Law as it is written. This includes the Affordable Care Act of 2010.
Blue Cross has responded to this announcement," the President has said 'some' individual policy members and small groups (2-50) may be allowed to remain with their current 2013 policy for an additional year."

Blue Cross and all other compliant carriers are currently working out compliance with the Law, and will mail a letter to policyholders with implementation.
Meanwhile, the execution of the Law remains that you have until December 15th, 2013 to enroll for coverage and get registered on the national Market Place website by December 15th, 2013 to have coverage in force on January 1st, 2014. The IRS has not changed its position in imposing a tax if non-compliant.

Latest Bulletin November 9, 2013     Hackers breach security of national registration website.
Government vows to fix to safeguard enrollees' personal and financial information.

Latest Bulletin November 7, 2013  Qualified Obama Care Market Place Carriers: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois has spent a ton of money to be compliant and offer many qualified health care options. The Carrier is 100% operational and very competitive, and you may qualify for a subsidy or two (actually 2 are available) on the Affordable Care Market Place. Unfortunately, United Health Care One and Assurant Health Care are not on the Market Place for 2014, and therefore, you cannot get any government offered subsidy. This may change in 2015.

Get Quality Health Insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois right now!
Did you know?   In 2010, the total cost of  cancer care in the United States reached $125 billion. Source: Virginia Commonwealth University

Prompt Real -Time Service: Why get frustrated trying to get enrolled on a slow or crashed government website and/or calling center? Enroll with Blue Cross now and they will email you when it's up and running. Meanwhile, they take you 90% of the way to success by providing the estimated costs. Our company Fanter Financial, a Health Insurance Agency provides a prompt real-time 24/7 tool to get both a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Quote and a
Government Subsidy Estimate immediately. Just Click the Express Quoting Link here:
See how a 62 year-old male and spouse 59 making $40,000 per year in Bartlett, IL. got a $600/month subsidy on any Blue Cross plan they choose. Own doctor and hospital.  Blue Cross premium $627/month. Subsidy paid now is $600/month= Your net cost=$27/month for a PPO PLAN! (More details under Express Quoting Link on Home Page). Find out what your estimated subsidy and Blue Cross premium is right now.
We consult and follow up. Just complete the brief Contact Form at the very bottom of this page. Consulting never charges a fee!  Get a Professional Consultation and Enrollment by a Certified Affordable Care Expert and Licensed, Experienced, and Carrier Commissioned  Illinois Health Insurance Agent.
 Fanter Financial and Hank Fanter,lutcf  is your Web Broker.
Again, don't go it alone. We will help you every step of the way!

No Spin-No Non-Sense Reporting: Despite fearful and chaotic news spin from cable media and political party bickering, consumers want quality health insurance and meet the mandate to sign up for Affordable Care by March 31, 2014. The purpose of this website is to help you do this right now.

You will find this website has power to arm you with plenty of tools, including some creative ones to save lots of money and improve benefits, whether you are a stand-alone with or without dependent coverage or a business owner scratching his/her head on how to make sense of it all and how to afford to pay higher and higher healthcare premiums without cutting employee coverage.
It is frustrating, but there is hope. You were once at Stage One of the Grief Circle (according to MIBS Insurance): Denial. You survived. You went to Stage Two: Anger. Survived again. In fact, you met Stage Three Depression, Stage Four Bargaining and now at Stage Five ACCEPTANCE! (Or maybe you need someone to show you how to make this all palatable
. Are you ready for tools to help you accept this and reach opportunity found in Affordable Care?
There is an old Chinese adage, " There is no advantage to waiting.(See Open Enrollment tab on tool bar) to make sure you have March 31st, 2014 coverage. So what are you waiting for? March 31st ends open enrollment. Grab the tools available and go to work.

Tools to Make Informed Choices in Illinois are:  Education, Plan Design Strategies by a Health Care Reform Expert, access to Express Quoting Link and Subsidy Interactive Calculator Link, tools to use computer technology to communicate faster and more efficiently than meetings, mail, and constant phone calls. We simplify everything given the complexity and uncertainties of the new healthcare reform law. And instead of getting a thousand different complicating quote spreadsheets comparing benefits and costs, and a dozen carriers, participation on our Express Quoting Link and Kaiser Foundation Subsidy Calculator can educate you sufficiently. Nothing can replace a human-being, and you get a professional Illinois-licensed (32 years) health insurance independent agent, now certified in Affordable Care (Obama Care) to steer you in the right direction in the entire State of Illinois.                                                                                                                                                                           

The Need
According to , "Illinois now has 12.88 million people, of which a recent Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) Press Release states 645,000 Illinois residents are eligible for a premium subsidy, 19.8% of the Illinois population between the ages of 18-64 are currently uninsured, and 5% of the uninsured population qualify for a premium subsidy and don't have any health insurance."



According to the Economist (8/26/2013) in the Business Insider (9/25/2013), "Will Obama Care Destroy Jobs?" "Estimate of subsidies will prompt up 940,000 workers to leave the labor force; and many older workers will retire early." Furthermore, Josh Barro in the Business Insider cited, "Health premiums will skyrocket so if you have a health plan; you have good reason to worry about Obama Care."

Background of ACA

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) formerly referred to as the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and now publicly called Obama Care, was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23rd, 2010. It contains a set of comprehensive health insurance reforms, and is upheld by the United States Supreme Court on June 28th, 2012 as a tax. On September 20,2013 the House of Representatives voted to defund it claiming it places a debt burden on the country to pay for it. Because of the Democratic majority in the Senate, it does not look feasible to get enough votes to agree with the House vote and defund it.  It's like going through a grief stage: DENIAL, ANGER, DEPRESSION, BARGAINING, and finally, ACCEPTANCE. Whether we like it or not, Obama Care is here to stay and we have to live with it and abide by the new health reform law or face a tax penalty by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service which increases annually.

According to Federally Facilitated Market Place (FFM) Certification, ,
"the primary goal of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (better known after President Obama as Obama Care) is to help millions of Americans obtain quality Affordable Care ( with qualified American health coverage plans)".

To achieve that goal, the Act has put in place strong consumer protections to ensure most individuals have access to health insurance, regardless of their health status. It creates Market Places where individuals who do not have access to affordable coverage may use premium tax credits and/or cost-sharing reductions to purchase coverage. It expands Medicaid in participating states to cover individuals under age 65 and families who make less than 138% Federal Poverty Level. Health insurance issuers must not limit or exclude pre-existing conditions, regardless of the age of the individual, offer all of their group and individual market policies to any eligible individual in the state and is called 'guaranteed issue', must provide at least a minimum set of (10) services called Essential Health Benefits (EHB), and spend at least 80% of every premium dollar on medical care or provide the policy holder or insured a rebate. (Agent/broker commissions or navigator fees, for example, must come from remaining 20% as administrative expenses and have no bearing on the 80% standard of medical care expenses devoted to the policy holder or insured.) The Act is under the supervision and accountability of the government agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as well as each state's regulatory industry Department of Insurance. There are also a series of Review Overseer Boards to monitor and audit every insurance provider to protect consumers' rights and make sure that every provider offers annual renewable qualified plans and sets premiums and rate increases in compliance with the Act.

Qualified Health Plans (QHP's) are mandatory and health industry agent/brokers are playing a major role of service leadership since they are already state licensed and experienced to guide consumers to understand their options, apply for coverage, and thus, save taxpayers and the state and federal government payrolls millions of dollars spent on hiring navigators to educate and enroll the public.
Agent/brokers, must, of course, become trained, certified, and have systems in place to provide quality service to individuals and/or groups. Furthermore, savvy agent/brokers are business entrepreneurs whom have expertise to strategically counsel employers, employees and individuals to realize the best health care options possible. The agent/broker costs, however, become an up-front investment: time, websites, plan design, plan providers, consumer communication via email, phone, mail and in-person meetings, and enrollment, and the commissions paid by providers is small as it must partially come from a regulated and capped administrative 20% provider margin from each policy. Not all agent/brokers will desire to or properly invest in serving the Affordable Care Market Places. Hank Fanter,lutcf and Fanter Financial have committed to serving you with tools to make informed choices in Illinois!

Some important dates to remember are: Groups over 1,000 employees have been given a presidential (not legislative) extension of one- year coverage effective date (January 1, 2015 instead of January 1, 2014 for individuals) to organize and enroll all eligible employees and their dependents if offered, and refer those not eligible to join the Group to an individual plan. Individuals must start enrolling by October 1, 2013 to start January 1, 2014 effective coverage. March 31, 2014 is the last day and then a penalty tax is imposed. Prior
March 23, 2010. See 2014 Open Enrollment tab on website header for latest updates.
Plans are called Grandfathered Plans and can avoid provisions of Obama Care. But this may be a disadvantage of not having the more desirable and aggressive health care benefits offered in the newer policies. These policies can be replaced. Hank Fanter, lutcf and Fanter Financial team professionals can analyze your policies and provide a software benefit comparison for you to see which is better. It's worth repeating: we give you the tools to make informed choices in Illinois!

 Resource Helpers

Consumers are given the option of choosing one resource to get help. Dealing with multiple agents/brokers and/or navigators is confusing, can delay enrollment, and is strictly prohibited. Your "My Account" will list only one resource.


Before you choose a Resource Helper, ask yourself first the question," Whom do I feel comfortable giving out my personal and confidential information that can possibly lead to identity thief if given out to the wrong hands?"
This is all financial stuff. Do you want to give out your social security number, birth date, income level, and other identity information to someone whom may be an off-season landscaper, for example, now working as an Obama Care Navigator? Think twice! Be prudent!
Traditional health insurance agents/brokers are accustomed to doing health and/or life insurance for a full-time living and for definitely keeping all information under tight security and are regulated by state insurance departments for such professional conduct and confidentiality.


1.) Help can be reached from salaried personnel called NAVIGATORS. These are typically call-center personnel or private certified enroller entrepreneurs with non-health insurance industry backgrounds. They are not required to hold a state insurance license, but may have taken courses and passed exams to become certified. For example, government agencies or grant-funded organizations may hire Planned Parenthood to provide you with navigation to sign up for a Qualified Health Plan.

2.) Another resource to help you is one that provides SERVICE....year after year long term!
Service makes the difference by seeking professional assistance from an experienced and Illinois-state licensed health insurance agent/ broker who has taken online training courses and passed exams to become certified to help you and has service systems already in place to provide outstanding service in every step of the process. Agent/brokers are compensated by commissions paid directly by the providers, and thus, have a vested interest in serving you as a long-term client relationship with periodic program reviews.

3.) ENTIRE STATE OF ILLINOIS, FULL-TIME AGENT/BROKER SERVICE ONLY- NO OTHER STATES.This web site ( ms: think of medical science) introduces you to the Affordable Care options and service offered by Fanter Financial Agency, Bartlett & Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and its owner Hank Fanter,lutcf.                                                                                                                                                                         

Our commitments to you:

A.) We offer a comprehensive approach to financial services, including health, life, annuities, and long term care.
You may check us out by going to our other web sites, and we do a fantastic job with educating you on IRA TRANSFERS, FIXED INDEXED ANNUITIES and FIXED INDEXED LIFE INSURANCE. Check out  Our logo is, "Your Key to Financial Success. Turning the Key at the Right time!" Our outstanding service has won us great published customer testimonies and the covenant  Merchant Circle of Excellence.

B.) Health insurance affects personal and business finances in a dramatic way. We show you how it impacts all areas of your finances so that you can make the most out of the new healthcare law and keep your own private doctor and hospital, too.

C.) Affordable Care (known as Obama Care) is a brand new service to every American, though we've been doing traditional health plans for the
past 32 years. We are trained, certified and set up to provide you with the best possible service available in Illinois. Our expertise is the financial industry and now we have access to the Federally-facilitated Market Places and know how to show you all the possible Qualified Health Plans.We educate you as to best choices, and then help you stream-line eligibility determinations for best fit of health coverage for you  and every family member.

D.) We are familiar with our role in helping consumers, and our service commitment makes the difference of success.
Individuals, employers and employees are assisted with diverse Affordable Care services: enrollment and eligibility determinations for application and enrollment deadlines, advance payments of the premium tax credit and refunds, cost-sharing reductions, avoidance of conflicts of interest, Medical Loss
Ratio (MLR) claims, intervene to complete healthcare claims, and strict confidentiality and conformance with applicable state and federal regulatory law. Everything is documented to advocate a claim if need be. (Any tax or legal matters are directed to your CPA or attorney.) Our job is to steer you in the right direction.

E.) The primary Qualified Health Providers we use are  all rated by A.M. Best as A- Excellent for financial stability and claims-paying history and legal reserves. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Assurant Health, United Health and Humana. They provide excellent coverage to individuals and small business owners with under 100 employees and dependents at their company. And no longer can anybody with a pre-existing condition be denied coverage based on their state of past health or medical recommendations for coverage.

F.) Just as employers and individuals seek advisors to guide them in financial decisions, legal and public relations matters, Hank Fanter, lutcf  and his Agency, Fanter Financial demonstrates their ability to be strategic navigators in the health care industry. Doing this enables us to partner for mutually beneficial, lasting relationships that will not only encourage client retention, but provide better health care benefit options for all parties involved.

G.) Fanter Financial Goes-the-Extra Mile by rewarding referrals to us for anyone of our financial services. Request our monthly newsletter with a drawing prize. We give away prizes just for telling others to check us out. We publish a special website to broadcast this message and list monthly winners.
See Hank giving away prizes such as I-Pods, TVs, lottery tickets, gasoline vouchers on

G.) We want to earn the right to do business through trust, confidence and integrity and to honor "the Golden Rule" treating everybody as would we like to be treated. And a reminder once quoted from King Solomon, "The wise man is glad to be instructed, but a self-sufficient fool falls flat on his face." (Proverbs 10:9,The Living Bible)

Thanks to the following sources pertaining to all pages of this website . We are proud that this URL is now first page position on Google Search Engine and listed in upper positions on Bing and Yahoo Search Engines, Facebook and Twitter as we are helping countless Illinois residents and small business owners based in Illinois.

We are all across The Internet!

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Note: Information may change without given notice. Revisit this website to see updated information as changes occur. Hold harmless any information that needs further clarification. This information is intended to provide illustrations of the various health care benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act of 2010. It is not intended to cover every provision of the new Act. If you wish full press releases, then visit government health care websites listed above. Every plan involving tax advice or legal advice should consult an accountant and attorney. The role of the health care agent/broker is to work in conjunction with these advisors, but the final determination should always come from an accountant and attorney.

Directions: Please complete the Contact Information Form below. Click SUBMIT. It will be emailed personally to Hank Fanter and all information on the Form and by email or phone or mail is kept strictly confidential. Keep in mind that there are differences between Grand fathered Plans and Non-Grand fathered Plans. If you wish to ask Hank Fanter a question first , then that's fine. Email: Hank@AffordableCare.MS  Phone (630) 855-4936/Fax (630) 855-5203  Thanks!                                                       

We hope that you have found this website helpful in learning about Affordable Care (Obama Care), and we look forward to providing you with more of the tools to make informed choices in Illinois and serving you soon!

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